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Wedding dressing for a mature bride

What should I wear?  Wedding dress, suit, formal wear, evening!!

Don't worry............We at 'House of Couture' will be glad to help make this a happy occasion .  We have been selling Wedding dresses and suits for 22 years all headed by designer Sue Goodchild who herself is 50 +.  Manager Hilary Goldberg is also 50 + and is expert also in this kind of Wedding.  Many Mature brides are nervous of coming into a shop were they may find younger brides trying on dresses. We can offer you private consultations for mature brides by booking an appointment on 01708 471527 with Hilary or Sue.

camilla and Charles wedding
Didn't she do well?  Camilla looked stunning on her big day and so can you.  Some of us may be able to wear younger fashion but we don't all look like Joan Collins.  We at 'House of Couture' pride ourselves on finding mature brides the right outfit for you for your special day.

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condici suit


Sue Goodchild

Sue Goodchild

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mature bride 1361

Traditional bridal gowns may be a good choice for the mature bride that wants to wear a wedding dress.  This particular design is good for a mature bride because it has a corset top to draw in the waist and an apron front for that less than flat tum.  It also has a jacket with a flattering sleeve, good for hiding the top arm. Available in sizes 6 - 30 in Ivory/Gold or White/Silver Style 1361 by Sue Goodchild.  Approx 700

Mature bride dress 

Condici suits are always a good choice. We stock them in many colours and sizes.  These  look classy without being overdone. 

Condici Suit

I'm thinking of having something made?

Before you do .....ask yourself this question - why?  There is so much choice out there. Having made clothes for over 40 years Sue feels that:

"Many ladies have come to me thinking they don't want to try anything on or they know what they look good in.  Well yes, I can do this for you but.......

The stress of not knowing what you are going to look like until very near your big day can often be very distressing for the bride.  Maybe you could consider your options as this can always be done if you cant find exactly what you want"  We will be happy to help you try all the many options here at  HOUSE OF COUTURE

SG Couture Wedding Dress 1986

I'm over forty but still glamorous for my age?

This gown is great for the young looking bride.  Its all about glamour that turns heads.  We know don't we? as we get older we often get better at choosing the right things to wear and if nature has been kind to you why not knock their socks off on your Wedding day? 

Everything we wear says it all - the sparkly earrings the neat but ever so slightly sexy outfit with matching shoes, bag and accessories.  Is this you?

This gown may be perfect for you. It can also be ordered with a long lace sleeve too.

Comes in sizes 6 - 30 in many colours